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Verde Profilo® is highly specialised in highly effective green scenery, such as indoor and outdoor vertical gardens, moss walls stabilised with the innovative patented 100% natural MOSSwall® product, and green design elements.

The company aims to generate new ideas based on the observation of the world and nature, and taking advantage of the latter’s ability to adapt to human-designed architectural structures.

In addition to private gardens, large public areas, hanging terraces, small metropolitan gardens and exhibition facilities, Verde Profilo® also designs elegant creations for shops, hotels, showrooms and wellness centres.

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Verde Profilo®


The vertical gardens in the new headquarters of Angelini Immobiliare.

In the architectural design of the new Angelini Immobiliare headquarters, 9 vertical gardens were introduced. From the outside, the green walls continue their path inside, in the form of lush architectural elements, changing the colour, texture and feeling of the spaces. In addition, thanks to the presence of green walls, the building has obtained LEED Platinum certification.


A green work of art at the Hotel Belvedere in Locarno.

Located in the heart of Locarno, Hotel Belvedere stands out for its elegant and formal design. Among the numerous distinctive features of this prestigious architectural project, the evocative Vertical Garden by Verde Profilo® stands out, a green work of art that enchants the senses and offers a unique atmosphere to guests. The vertical garden is a climbing solution that encompasses a total area of 126 square metres, enhancing the courtyard at the back of the building with an unparalleled natural frame.


The largest green wall in Europe in Milan.

Palazzo di Fuoco is a building that represents the soul of Milan, and the renovation and redevelopment project restores its visual and architectural centrality. In this unique location, the VP-Module by Verde Profilo® was chosen to develop something extraordinary: a wall of over 145 square metres, which is claimed to be the largest green wall in Europe. While in the construction of the internal “square”, with its glass roof, as a meeting and work place, the two vertical gardens, water jets and 6 planters were installed.


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